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Company profile

Shenzhen Juqiang Crystal Co., Ltd Is a professional production of research and development of quartz crystal high-tech enterprises. The company has been committed to the production of quartz crystal R & D and sales, with the United States, Japan, China's first-class modern automated production equipment and testing network equipment. Production of various types of quartz crystal, SMD SMD3225, SMD2520, SMD2016 SMD2012, active crystal , Plug-in crystal HC-49S, HC-49SMD, 2 * 6,3 * 8 and other full range of products.

   Products are widely used in security monitoring systems, smart phones, satellite GPS, car audio, car navigation, car burglar alarm system, tablet PCs, digital TV receivers, communications equipment, radio watches, computers, electronic digital high-tech industry products. Become the industry leader, the products are exported to Western Europe countries, Brazil, China Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and other domestic and foreign markets.